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While looking at some tribal art one day.  Kreeters creator, Myron K Graves, decided he would make a tribal necklace.  After over one hundred drawings, he came up with a few designs.  The first Kreeter to be made was Oney.  He is called Oney because he was number one.

The second was Karma.  He was originally made without expression, but was soon made with a smile. 

Next  came BeBe, who is kind of the baby of the group.  It only has one tooth, and three hairs.  The main reason for this was, with less silver used, and less time spent on putting in extra teeth and hair, it could be sold at a most affordable price.

Trying to figure out what to call them he noticed that they looked like a cross between a creature and a critter.  So he called them Kritters.

Soon he noticed people would smile, chuckle, or laugh, when seeing the kreeters.  Knowing what good Karma it is making people smile, he came up with the phrase "if you want good Karma, wear a Kreeter."

Later on a friend kept insisting that he make a smiling Oney.  So he created a smiling one, and named it Happy Chappy.  It is named after his friend (Chapman-Chappy Studios), in recognition and thanks, for her help and ideas, along the way.

After things were moving along,  his partner (biz/domestic) suggested he give them personalities through drawings, shirts, and cards.  This also gave him a chance to express his humor.
Original Oney
Original Karma
Original BeBe
Later we added a cat and a dog to the group.
How Kreeters came to be:
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Myron K. Graves

Danja the cat, and Shemp the dog... because we all love our cats and or dogs!

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About the artist:
About the artist, and how the Kreeters came to be.
Many years ago I ordered a piece of jewelry for a friend. After receiving the piece I said to myself "I can do this."  So I ordered a CD, and some silver, from the internet, and a scrap can full of mistakes later, I could do it.

Back then it was just a hobby and I probably liked 3 out of 10 pieces I made.  Looking back they weren't all as bad as I thought, I just was critical of the work, and would see mistakes no one else would notice or care about.

In 2008 I created the Kreeters (story of how they came about below).  In 2010 after working years as a steam engineer in the power industry, the plant closed, and I was laid off.

I was going to take some courses in the industry, but the class I tried to take was full.  I knew there was a reason for it, I just had a strong feeling.  It was then that my partner suggested I introduce the Kreeters, and my jewelry, as a full time project.

So at that point I decided to give up shift work, switch to the other side of my brain, and become a full time artist.  One of the best things about being an "artist" is it is a great excuse when I'm forgetful or goofy...."hey, what do you expect, I'm an artist," I couldn't do that as an engineer.

I enjoy the Kreeters, but I also really love doing my one of a kind and custom pieces.  I take my handcrafted jewelry very serious (probably about the only time I am serious), and am always trying and learning new things and techniques.  It is a great feeling to make a custom piece, or for someone to purchase a beautiful piece that they love, and is one of a kind.

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