Where I am with the Kreeters jewelry

Hi all, thank you for reading along.  I thought I would blog about my status with the Kreeters jewelry.   As things grow, I have had to learn to become more organized, and juggle the many hats one wears, when running a small business.  Time management is very important, because as you make time for the business things you have to do, something else always pops up.  Such as unexpected chores, and situations.

I have already started casting some of the the Kreeter jewelry, because I didn’t have time to make them all by hand.  Also, so I could do them in brass, and have a low price point.   I have also started having the eyes done with epoxy (and colored epoxy hair on some, hopefully I will get them on the website soon http://kreeters.com/kwpJ14.html). It was just too time consuming to put in eye stones on all of them.  Plus the epoxy looks bright, and really pops, especially on the Brass ones.

My next move on the Kreeters is to plate some of the Brass ones with Silver.  This way I can offer Silver ones, at a lower cost than the solid Sterling Silver ones. I will still offer the Sterling ones for those who want them.

I still make some by hand.  I refer to them as the Gallery Kreeters.  They are handcrafted using solid Sterling, and semiprecious stones.  They are also the thickest ones.  They are the ones I use, when I make them with stones in their hair.

Next I plan on making some wine markers, key chains (a few people have asked for them), large shelf pieces, and some garden Kreeters.  I have made garden kreeters in the past, but not for the public as of yet.

There is also some stained glass picture frames in the works.  These are just of the few ideas that I haven’t had the time for as of yet.  Which brings us back to better time management.

Thank you, Myron K Graves

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First blog post – setting up my wordpress blog page.

Hi everyone,

To be perfectly honest, as a small business owner, I really don’t have a lot of extra time for blogging, or social media marketing.  However, they seem to be valuable marketing tools, so here I am.

I’m not sure what I will write just yet, but I hope to make my posts, amusing, entertaining, and sometimes helpful.

Today I am writing about setting up a wordpress blog. This blog is set up on WordPress.org, and hosted through my website.

I was dreading the time I anticipated it taking to learn wordpress.  Because as I said, I am short on time.  Perhaps I am just unorganized, or take on too many things, but the bottom line is the same; time is one of my most valuable commodities.

I found on Youtube, a tutorial on WordPress, that saved me hours of figuring things out on my own, or having to get a book and going through the steps that way.  It is a good base to help you set up your pages, and it helped me tremendously.

The author of the video is Lisa Irby, and her website is 2CreateAWebSite.com

The video is named WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Website Creation, and the link is:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jexUS43sdeQ

If you want to set up WordPress, are time pressed, and clueless.  Then I highly recommend this tutorial.

I hope this information was useful, and thank you for your time… Myron


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