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About Myron K Graves

Two days after achieving my highest license in Steam Engineering, the plant I worked at closed down. Having worked shift work for many years, I decided to give, what was then a hobby, a go, for a change in my life. So I switched to the other side of my brain, and became a metalsmith artist full time. I had created the Kreeters a few years earlier. So I made them as my base. Because they are unique to me, and something no one else does (copyrighted, and "Kreeter" name is registered). They are a lot of fun, and I enjoy creating the shirt designs as well. They are fun characters which represent letting go of all the stress and negativity, and just enjoying life. I try to do the same. I say about the only time I am serious (outside of truly serious situations), is when I am making my one of a kind pieces. I love to create my hand made jewelry, and find it a real pleasure to see the reactions of people, who find a piece they really love, or that I have custom made for them. My work is distinct from most others. I like the art style, and try to evolve, and learn all the time. I like making nature pieces (frogs, spiders, snakes, turtles, dragonflies, butterflies, etc.). I have also started doing Filigree lately, and some more petite jewelry as well.

Where I am with the Kreeters jewelry

Hi all, thank you for reading along.  I thought I would blog about my status with the Kreeters jewelry.   As things grow, I have had to learn to become more organized, and juggle the many hats one wears, when running … Continue reading

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First blog post – setting up my wordpress blog page.

Hi everyone, To be perfectly honest, as a small business owner, I really don’t have a lot of extra time for blogging, or social media marketing.  However, they seem to be valuable marketing tools, so here I am. I’m not … Continue reading

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