First blog post – setting up my wordpress blog page.

Hi everyone,

To be perfectly honest, as a small business owner, I really don’t have a lot of extra time for blogging, or social media marketing.  However, they seem to be valuable marketing tools, so here I am.

I’m not sure what I will write just yet, but I hope to make my posts, amusing, entertaining, and sometimes helpful.

Today I am writing about setting up a wordpress blog. This blog is set up on, and hosted through my website.

I was dreading the time I anticipated it taking to learn wordpress.  Because as I said, I am short on time.  Perhaps I am just unorganized, or take on too many things, but the bottom line is the same; time is one of my most valuable commodities.

I found on Youtube, a tutorial on WordPress, that saved me hours of figuring things out on my own, or having to get a book and going through the steps that way.  It is a good base to help you set up your pages, and it helped me tremendously.

The author of the video is Lisa Irby, and her website is

The video is named WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Website Creation, and the link is:

If you want to set up WordPress, are time pressed, and clueless.  Then I highly recommend this tutorial.

I hope this information was useful, and thank you for your time… Myron


About Myron K Graves

Two days after achieving my highest license in Steam Engineering, the plant I worked at closed down. Having worked shift work for many years, I decided to give, what was then a hobby, a go, for a change in my life. So I switched to the other side of my brain, and became a metalsmith artist full time. I had created the Kreeters a few years earlier. So I made them as my base. Because they are unique to me, and something no one else does (copyrighted, and "Kreeter" name is registered). They are a lot of fun, and I enjoy creating the shirt designs as well. They are fun characters which represent letting go of all the stress and negativity, and just enjoying life. I try to do the same. I say about the only time I am serious (outside of truly serious situations), is when I am making my one of a kind pieces. I love to create my hand made jewelry, and find it a real pleasure to see the reactions of people, who find a piece they really love, or that I have custom made for them. My work is distinct from most others. I like the art style, and try to evolve, and learn all the time. I like making nature pieces (frogs, spiders, snakes, turtles, dragonflies, butterflies, etc.). I have also started doing Filigree lately, and some more petite jewelry as well.
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2 Responses to First blog post – setting up my wordpress blog page.

  1. Hi Myron,
    Good job on your redesign and your new blog. I know Lisa! That’s great that you found her video valuable.

    You know, I can never resist sharing a tip. If you go to and upload a profile pic, associate it with your website and the email address that you use for blogging, (it should be the same one that you log into your WordPress admin with), your website visitors will see your smiling face instead of the “mystery man” icon. :)

    • Thanks Sherryl, your information is always valuable, and generally timed well. Many times when I’m wondering about something, you seem to be blogging information on it.

      Thanks, Myron

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